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Need help with a plan to get out of about 2000 in debt.

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Need help with a plan to get out of about 2000 in debt.

So, when I was 17 I got a job making 18/hr and started putting 20 percent into a savings account. By the time I started at a college I had about 15000 total in savings from work and other money I've saved. I got a credit card art 18 with a 2000 limit and used it only for gas and school books, and then paying it down when I had alone extra money from the part of my pay check I didn't put into savings. The 15000 went down to about 6000 after 3 semesters of college. My old car died after I turned 19 so I decided to start financing a car. I'm paying 250 a month for 4 years through a CU loan. I live at home with no real living expenses besides gas. I pretty much had all my ducks in a row, and I've always been really happy that I haven't taken out any student loans so far.

That was all until I lost my job.
When I did my credit card balance was 700 dollars and it was in the summer so I figured I could find a job while I wasn't taking classes and would bounce back. (I am now 20 BTW) the only job I could even find was part time at a mall store. I now make min wage at about 120 a week. (If I'm lucky) also, just before losing my job I loaned my sister 3000 dollars. I regret it now but she's my sister. I decided while I was working part time I would take a pharmacy tech course and become a tech so that I could get better pay. I took the money for the class and the test out of my savings, about 1000 dollars.
Then, my dad asked me to start paying insurance. And then with car payments, gas, and ask of those other little speed bumps like flat tires and parking tickets and laptops breaking miss semester, I found myself maxed out on my credit card and a month behind my car payment.

My test to become a tech is tomorrow and I'm sure I will pass. After that I can start making upwards of 17 an hour.
My boyfriend (of 4 years, very reliable, not going anywhere) just got his teaching licence so once he finds a position, (where we live geographically he'll be making somewhere above 60000 a year) he agreed to help me since he was in a similar spot after graduating college and I helped him.
Selling my car is out of the question. I need it for work and school and I also really love it.
I needed to replace my laptop due to my major.
Got rid of my cell phone as well as any Netflix type monthly bills.
Savings Balance 20 dollars.


I wrote here to try and seek help on how to sort my situation out. I thought I was in such a good position but after all of this I feel like maybe I was doing it wrong the whole time, so for that I would also appreciate advice on what my strategy will be after getting back on my feet. Start rebuilding my credit? Pay off more towards my car? Refinance it? I would really like to move in with aforementioned boyfriend somewhere in my near future but we decided to hold of in the past even though he is 24 and its kind of sad to say he lives in his parents basement. (Haha, people in debt can still laugh, right?!?)

So yeah, basically I just need advice on my situation! Thanks in advance!
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Re: Need help with a plan to get out of about 2000 in debt.

I think your question needs to be asked in a different section for more of a response from others. 


Just ask a moderator if they can place in a more appropriate area.

Good Luck
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Re: Need help with a plan to get out of about 2000 in debt.

i congrtulate you on making it thus far without a studen loan, but in order to move forward you may need help,.  Go a head and feel out your FASFA and borrow what you need until you get on your feet.  It may be only a temporary solution before you get any further behind on your car an credit cards.

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Re: Need help with a plan to get out of about 2000 in debt.

+1 on the student loans. You can easily get enough to pay off your relatively low debt. You do not have to start paying back any of the student loans until six months after you graduate, but you can pay on them whenever you want. It is definitely very responsible of you to put 20% away in savings. I think that you can easily cut that down to 15% and take the other 5% and put it towards the repayment of your student loans, or, leave it at 20% and put 5% or so towards the loan repayment. Then, start building positive credit with a cc, secured or unsecured -- it doesn't matter; whichever you can get approved for. But know what your scores are at before you apply for anything so that you do not waste a HP on something that you will probably be denied for.

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Re: Need help with a plan to get out of about 2000 in debt.

Can you find an additional job? I would try that to bring in some additional income to help pay your bills. Other than that I would create a budget and stick to that of course. pay the minimum on your bills but throw any extra money you have first at an emergency savings account to cover things like flat tires etc. and then start attacking your cc debt. I would also try asking your sister for repayment. She should understand your situation and maybe she can start making payments to you. I wouldn't depend on anyone but yourself though and I am speaking from experience.

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Re: Need help with a plan to get out of about 2000 in debt.

Join the Reserves !!!! Im serious

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