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Nelnet Late's damaging credit report/score

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Nelnet Late's damaging credit report/score

I have been trying for quite sometime now to get a few 120 day late's from Nelnet removed from my CR. About two years ago, I made the mistake of not paying my student loan on time. Since I brought it up to date in August 2015, I have not missed a single payment. I have written them several goodwill letters but none have worked. My score has risen from the mid 500s right after the late's were reported to around an average of 660.  If i can get these removed, it'll easily jump into the 700s, especially since my credit card utilization is fairly low (around 15%). Has anyone had luck with Nelnet? Unfortunately the information is accurate, but I am contemplating on filing a dispute and hoping they don't respond within the 30 days. IF ANYONE HAS HAD ANY LUCK W/ NELNET PLEASE LET ME KNOW. 



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Re: Nelnet Late's damaging credit report/score

I would not dispute accurate info, I made that mistake a few years ago and it is actually listed on my report on a couple trade lines. Nelnet is a tough cookie to crack, but all you can do is keep sending GW's until they tell you to stop lol.

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Re: Nelnet Late's damaging credit report/score

There is no requirement for the CRA for furnisher to investigate a dispute that lacks any showing/assertion of an inaccuracy in the reported information.

The dispute can be dismissed without any need for investigation as "frivolous or irrelevant," and thus there is no period for investigation/reinvestigation.


Thus, the assumption that they must delete if no finding of verification or corrrection is provided within the stautory period of 30 days is not correct.

The disute can be dismissed without any need for investigation.


As an aside, federal student loans are not covered by the normal FCRA credit reporting and exclusion provisions.

The HIgher Education Act includes numerous provisions that supercede the normal provisions of the FCRA, including requirement to report derogs, which prevents their voluntary deletion, and extension of the normal credit report exclusion periods set forth in FCRA 605(a) until the loan is repaid.

Creditors dealing in federal student loans will routinely deny good-will deletion of delinquencies under the reporting requirements of the Higher Education Act.


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