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New IRS Question

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Re: New IRS Question

I have been writing, told them there was no way I could afford to pay since they have added so much interest...and my letter kind of "threw" them, they responded stating they hadn't finished researching "how" to respond.  I've received 2 of these letters.
I called on Friday to see if I could work out a deal...the collections biach would NOT let me off the phone until I agreed to pay $155/mo, which I can't but I honestly did NOT know what else to say...she said I already broke one agreement and I said you better get your records straight because I NEVER agreed to it before, and if you'd read my letter you would KNOW that...she said I could NOT work out a deal because I work (wages), and our garnishment is SEVERE (yeah, she said it that way)...anyway, she advised me to sell anything I could and get them paid.
I have half the mind to call back & say since she was so rude and demanding I'm quitting my job, we'll be on the street and they can kiss my a...unfortunately, I am not like that...
I chose to have very little taken out of my paychecks upon my divorce so I could not work a 2nd job & be home with my kids when they were with me...if I had known then they'd never consider working with me or they'd charge me ridiculous interest & penalty, I would have had to figure something else out or let my kids be cared for by others...
As far as any OIC, I reviewed the latest form, they want to know about my roommate (proof of his income), fuel receipts for the past 3 months, groceries, medical, etc. and I simply don't have them - I don't keep them.   I have very little deductions because I rentSmiley Sad
Funny thing is I even invited the IRS agent in my state to my home last year to prove to her I was NOT living lavishly, she's no longer at the number I have so I can't try to work through her...
Thanks to all of you, this forum has been a great support system for me, I really want to do the right thing but it seems like I will never achieve itSmiley Sad  My credit is doing for the IRS...
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