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Next Steps?

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Next Steps?

I currently have 4 CC's that are all maxed out, for a total of $4400.oo    My credit scores are EX 692, TU 699, EQ 748. 


I was contemplating applying for a balance transfer for all my current CC's to a new card.... unsure who to go with or even if the the credit limit will cover the balance transfers, let alone if they'll approve it.   Right now my credit reports state my utilization is between 51%-107% Smiley Frustrated


On top of that I'll (hopefully) be applying for an assumption from BMW to remove my soon-to-be ex-husband from our lease agreement,  but they will have to run credit and approve it for me to assume the transfer of lease.


Does anyone have any recommendations for the next steps?  

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Re: Next Steps?

What's your goal? The loan? Higher scores? Debt paydown?

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Re: Next Steps?

All of the above, ideally.
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