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Next Steps...

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Next Steps...

Now that I am almost done with removing all the erroneous and legally deletable items on my credit reports, I've started thinking about what the next steps are to keep my scores upwardly mobile and my credit health sound.

By the end of 2007:

I'd like to have gotten a new gas card - for my new car that I'm purchasing tomorrow!

I'd like to have made 5 solid car payments on time on my new auto loan.

I'd like to have made 5 more solid months of Target card payments (PIF each billing cycle), and maybe even qualify for a credit limit increase.

I'd like all three of my scores to be at or above 700 by Christmas.

I'd like to have gotten a new credit card - for emergencies. I'm going to probably try for the Hawaiian Airlines card or (EMBARRASSED!) the Hooters card. Only use when necessary, and pay off asap, preferably PIF each month.

I'd like for 4 more PFDs and/or GW letters to have worked.

I'd like to get in the habit of putting $50 each paycheck into my credit union savings account, for a rainy day or emergencies.

By the summer of 2008:

I'd like at least one of my credit scores to have gotten to or above 750 (I'm banking on that being EQ, since it's at 643 right now).

I'd like to have made 7 more solid, on-time car payments, and thereby have completed a year of my loan contract, making me eligible to apply for a loan refinance for a better rate, and maybe shorten the contract term.

By this time next year, 2 more of my derogatory items will have dropped off naturally from the credit reports (Dell, HFC) and 5 inquiries will have dropped off.

By the end of 2008:

I'd like for all 3 of my scores to be above 750.

I'd like to have paid off all remaining credit debt balances, preferably as part of PFD agreements.

5 more on-time car payments.

No late pays on my Target card.

No late pays on gas or other credit cards I get.
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Re: Next Steps...

Great plan keep it up...
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