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No FICO from Experian

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No FICO from Experian

Hi my FICO Family. It's been a while since I've visited. I lost focus for about 6 months now and is now looking to get back on track. I tried to get my updated FICO scores today but I didn't see an option to get my Experian Score. Can you please explain what I'm doing wrong or if this score no longer exist through My FICO?



6/20/08 TU=553 EQ=577 EX=458
07/16/08 TU=599 EQ=621 EX= 556
8/05/08 TU=632 EQ=652 EX=598, 9/30/08 TU=632 EQ=655 EX=616
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Re: No FICO from Experian

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