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Old debt listed as new?

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Old debt listed as new?

Long story short, I started my credit history knowing nothing of credit. Also trusted people I really shouldn't have and allowed them to open a couple accounts with my credit, with the promise that they would pay, they never did. I've learned my lesson at a high price.


So, the debt in question is 5 years old. Well, it was sent to I C System 5 years ago. They have held onto this debt for about the last 5 years. However, when I was checking my credit report to try to pay off some of the newer collections (medical) I noticed that the report from them claimed to be only 10 months old?

I understand if they sold it to a different collection agency, but its the same one it's always been. Is that something I can dispute? Or should I just pay it? Its not a large debt. 

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Re: Old debt listed as new?

Not exactly sure what is going on but wanted to let you know that the "open" date on a collection account has nothing to do with removal from your reports. Exclusion of negative information is determined by the DOFD of the original account not the date a CA gets collection authority (i.e. the collection open date).

Also please be aware that if the information is inaccurate and you dispute it odds are in favor of the creditor correcting the inaccuracy not the deletion of the account. 

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