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Possible incorrect information that isn't showing on my report copy?

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Re: Possible incorrect information that isn't showing on my report copy?

It's very possible that the old addresses and incorrect addresses are being generated from a Lexis/Nexis report. I pulled my file from them once and it had addresses and possible relationships from people and places I have never lived at. If I remember correctly their system did not have a method for consumer dispute, but it has never been an issue. The only time I have seen anyone really use their report information was for a background check. They have a lot of info that is not included in a credit report from the three bureaus.


Their credit account information was very incomplete and they did not offer a credit score of any type. I believe that they are just utilized for other information and not in a credit decision. If there was any question on a background check from their information I would just state that the information was inaccurate. I personally have never encountered a problem with employer or government clearance background information being inaccurate and questioned. The accurate information did require some explanation. Especially as it applied to my prior credit behavior.Smiley Embarassed

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