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Possible to remove soft inquiries?

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Possible to remove soft inquiries?

A few weeks ago I woke up to EQ deleting 9 positive TL's from my report. All in the same day. They claim my creditors did it. What a joke.

I know by law they do not need to report positive TL's, problem is this dropped my score 26 points. Took my AAoA down 7 years!!


I think my problem is that either my file got split or it ran out of space and my positive TL's are being removed. I have many Soft pulls on my report most from me checking though EQ on a daily basis to see what was going on with my report.


How should I approach this now? If I try and get my soft pulls removed maybe it would free up file space and my positives would come back on? I should note that EQ says that I do not have a split file. Who knows if they are actually telling the truth.


Last week one of those positive TL's came back on my report from a closed account. It was on my report for about four days, then poof gone again!

Out of the 9 TL's only one was older than 7 years old. Most were closed and paid.


On a side note I can not stand EQ.


Thanks for the help. Have a Happy New Year!

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Re: Possible to remove soft inquiries?

Call the customer service executive team for Equifax.  this happened to me.  I had too many soft inquiries and they had to condense my file.  While all of those soft inquiries were on my report, I couldn't access it anymore and neither could my monitoring service.  The next step after a ton of soft inquiries is a split file.  Get those softs removed vefore that happens.

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Re: Possible to remove soft inquiries?

Wow.. I never heard of this. Makes me nervous as I usually pull my report 2 times a week, some weeks more often others less.

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Re: Possible to remove soft inquiries?

I'm on the phone with them right now for the same exact issue. The have bounced me around. The IT department said it's too many soft inquires. The dispute department says they can't be removed. I told them they could. It's creating all sorts of problems.

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Re: Possible to remove soft inquiries?

These guys have been jerking me around for 2 1/2 hours, bouncing me back and forth. Only smart one I spoke with was someone in their IT department. He said the soft inquiries just need to be removed. But, nobody seems to know how to remove them. Called executive offices and they just patched me through to the dispute department.


Going to file a BBB report and since they are not allowing me access to my own credit file, I might even file a lawsuit against them.


Anyone else have a good contact person at Equifax?

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Re: Possible to remove soft inquiries?

Your better bet is to file a complaint with CFPB instead of the BBB.
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Re: Possible to remove soft inquiries?

True. Them too. But, might not need to do so. After 2 1/2 hours of them yanking my chain, got connected to their Consumer Affairs Dept. Lady basically said it happens all the time and there is a team that specifically goes through to delete soft inquires and such to help thin the files out. Apparently takes a few days, but at least I got someone. You'd think they'd  have a better system.

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