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Question about AU account

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Question about AU account

I was an AU on a card until February of this year. I pulled a TU report on here for QM and that account is listed as "account relationship terminated." It also appears to still be factoring into my UTL. I checked Credit Sesame today as well and its balance was not factored in. I have to check my EX report later to see if the account is completely gone, or if it is "relationship terminated" as well.


I guess what I'm asking is...Is there any downside to leaving the account on my report as RT? I definitely don't want its balance being counted toward my UTL, but I don't mind the account staying on since it is has a significantly larger CL than the rest of my accounts. Could it also be possible it's being counted in UTL only because of how the MyFico reports are structured? If the account stays on the report, does a creditor essentially ignore it?

Starting Score: 515
Current Score: EQ08 711 EX08 731 TU08 735
Goal Score: 740+

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Re: Question about AU account

Usually this is seen/referenced, when the account master is deceased, or the tradeline is closed completely.

I'd not worry about it, unless you're seeing data (balances/high usage) that is hurting your score by factorization.

Typically when the AU is shut down, the tradeline dissolves from all three CRA's, but there are exceptions....

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