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Question about an account reporting on TU

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Question about an account reporting on TU

I have a question about an account appearing twice on my TU report, this is how it's reporting below 


MARGO FINANCE INC #1234 >Charge-off< $7,326 balance


MARGO FINANCE, INC. FBO JACKSON CREDIT UNION #1234  >Sold; was 120 days past due date<  0 balance


I changed the name of the finance company and the credit union, wasn't sure if i could post their names here or not, but this is exactly how it's reporting on my credit.


I initially had an account with margo finance, they handed it over to jackson credit union early on in the loan.

Down the road it ended up  being a charge off for me, maybe 2 years into the loan.


When I spoke to Margo recently, they told me they brought the account back into their house as a charge off is how they explained it to me.


To me it seems like they are double reporting this on my credit, they didn't sell it to a collection agency.


I also noticed on my other 2 bureaus, it only shows Margo Finance Inc, and only reporting once


Any input would be appreciated, thank you

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