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Repo and eviction

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Repo and eviction


How does a repo or eviction show on my credit report?  I see the amount that I owe on my car that was repo'd but I do not see the word "Repossesion" listed.  I also see the amount that I owe from the last apartment I lived in but I do not see the word "Eviction" listed.  

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Re: Repo and eviction

Any reporting must provide the current status, which is either one of a non-delinquency, such as pays as agreed or paid, or one of the delinquency status codes provided by the CRAs, such as a monthly delinquency level, charge-off, or repo.


Reporting of a current balance is not the current account status.

What is shown as the current status, and what is reported in the payment history profile as derogs under the prior account history?

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