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Reported Balance Different than Statement

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Reported Balance Different than Statement

I was always under the impression that it was the statement balance that was reported to credit bureaus, but I just received an update that indicates otherwise on my Amazon Prime Store Card.  My statment end date is 3/9 and statement shows a $0 balance.  New purchases post on 3/10 and 3/11 with another payment to bring it to a $0 balance posting on 3/12, yet the MyFICO alert I just received shows me going from a $0 balance to $80 (my February statement balance was also $0, so without going through all of my notifications for the last month I don't know if it changed or not).  Is this because Synchrony is crazy and they report the balance whenever they want?  I feel like I have read this on another post somewhere, but can't find it now.  

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Re: Reported Balance Different than Statement

Yes, creditors can report to CRAs anytime they want, as long as what they report is accurate at that time. Unusual, especially for Sync, but can happen. My 3 Synch accounts all just report the statement balance on the statement date.


I asked this some time ago as my local credit union cuts a consolidated statement on the last day of each month, statement for checking, savings, CCs, everything. But for CCs they report on the 5th of the month, reporting whatever the balance is on the 5th. While the CC has a low APR & no fee BTs/cash advances I don't use it much because of the really lousy rewards program.  So I tried to be cute and have a small recurring bill charge to it on the 3rd, that way I'd have almost a month to pay it off & have a $0 balance report. That's when I found out they report on the 5th with the balance on that day. Smiley Frustrated


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