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Reported Balance Higher Than Statement Balance


Re: Reported Balance Higher Than Statement Balance

I agree with Superman, they take months to update and that is a problem when you are looking to get that magic 1~9% util on CC's. One to two months can make the difference between 15% ~25%  util on some of my CC's. Just wondering if anyone has that solution to Cap One. I sent a DV to see what happens but EX is known for saying "the credit is yours, blah, blah, blah" and then nothing changes. 

4/5/12 TU-635 Ex-634 Eq-646 (Kroll Fact. Home loan)
9/8/10 TU-654 Ex-627 Eq-638
8/1/10 TU-629 Ex-627 Eq-638

Starting Score: 526
Current Score: 635
Goal Score: 750

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