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Request Payment history


Request Payment history

So my original Creditor Citifinancial sold my account to another lender (Green Tree/Ditech) who then charged it off and Gave it to LVNV funding.


Well LVNV funding is due to fall off Feb 2021.


However when I look at Citifinancial I see what I suspect is incorrect payment history from 2013. They are showing I made payments all the way into Feb 2014 when I think I stopped making payments in July 2013. My question is, is this worth me investigating? Because this Citifinancial account is on my credit report and actually reported NO late payments. The company the sold it to, Green Tree/Ditech Financial is no longer on my credit report.


The only thing left on my report is the OC (Citifinancial) and the CA(LVNV), I disputed green tree/ditech, last year and they were deleted. 


My concern is that Citi/Green Tree reported I paid on time for several months, to push out the DOFD. 

My other concern is requesting payment history and Citifinancial updating an account from them which is perfect

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Re: Request Payment history

I'm assuming you're not planning to pay this, so I would just let sleeping dogs lie.

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Re: Request Payment history

How did you get the ditech late deleted? I need one deleted. Thank you.


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Re: Request Payment history

Later payments, or lack thereof, do not effect the date of first delinquency.

DOFD is the date you first went delinquent, and thereafter remained delinquent up to their taking of the charge-off.  That alone is the relevant begin date for calculation of the ultimate credit report exclusion date of either a charge-off or a collection. FCRA 605(c).


As for what the CRA uses to determine credit report exclusion of a charge-off or collection, they do not interpret or infer the DOFD by using the reported payment history profile on the account.

Rather, they use the separate reporting of DOFD that is required to be submitted to the CRA no later than 90 days after reporting of a charge-off or collection.  That explicitly reported statement of the DOFD is then stored separately in a code called the FCRA Compliance Date/Date of First Delinquency, and is the only thing then used by the CRA to calculate the required exclusion date.


You need to check the reported DOFD, and not the payment history profile, to assure that the accurate DOFD is being applied.......

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Re: Request Payment history

That’s amazing you had 2 OC TLs for the same account. Yeah if that original OC tradeline is clean, I think I would leave it alone since CA is falling off next year.
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