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Revolving debt

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Revolving debt

My profile shows revolving debt balances on American Express and Visa, but I have not carried a balance on either one, ever.  Visa is relatively new - 6 years, Amex was opened in the 1980s, and until recently it was not possible to carry a balance.  What gives?

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Re: Revolving debt

Hi MadisonB,




When you say "profile" are you referring to your credit reports?

Were they pulled here?


Keep in mind that your creditors report balances during different times of the month.  Many, but not all, creditors report your statement balance.  If you PIF before your statement cuts, and your statement shows a zero balance, but your creditor is reporting a different balance to the CRA's - then your creditors may be reporting your balance as of a different day of the month.



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Re: Revolving debt


If you are sure that you are not carrying a balance that is being reported to a CRA, then file a direct dispute with the credtior under FCRA 623(a)(8), challenging the accuracy of their reporting.

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