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Scores don’t update at time of file change

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Scores don’t update at time of file change


Why does MyFICO not advertise to consumers that they aren't going to be receiving score updates, unless it's a "trigger" change that will update the score. I don't want to hear about "disclosures" to be honest, because even with disclosures, that should not be in fine print and the way bottom of the page. It should be shown to customers on a page of its own, so we know that we will not be getting a frequent update of our FICO 8 score and can decline to purchase.  If you ask a reasonable person about this nuisance MyFICO has put in place, they would think "what in the world". This practically forces people into buying products and services. Im wondering why im buying all these reports and I pay 39.95 a month and they take 52 a month for the 3B, but they can't give accurate FICO8 updates??? Why do I get 5 alerts about credit report changes, and have to wait about 5 days or purchase a new report for the score? I can't comprehend why a company would do that when they've already got you as a subscriber. 

Im sure I'm not the only one with this concern. To me it's practically abusive and deceptive. 

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Re: Scores don’t update at time of file change

Nothing is instant with MyFICO. Ive had it for 7 yrs. Some things will send an alert but take a day or 2 to show score changes from that alert. Your scores are always changing daily. Once it post its a snapshot in time. Why pay more for a small wait for it to update? Eventually it all catches up. I use this as an example. It is what it is:


Doesnt say why. But it was a trigger to change the score in 1 day.


The scores you see on MyFICO are from the 3 CRA's. They have their own tweaks to the base FICO score program. Or all of them would match to a tee. Then only 1 CRA would be needed. From the fine print:

"Not all credit report data or transactions are monitored. Monitored credit report data, monitored credit report data change alerts, FICO® Score updates, FICO® Score alerts, monitored transactions, and alert triggers, timing and frequencies vary by credit bureau." Thats the 3 CRA's. Not MyFICO. 

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Re: Scores don’t update at time of file change

Well to be honest, Experian free FICO score version is the same way.  You'll get the update alert first, then the next day or two the point(s) alert whether up or down.  I don't think its deceptive, it's just the way it is.  Don't like it, unsubscribe and just pay when you really want to know your scores at a specfic point in time instead of "paid monitoring".


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