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Security Freeze as Identity Theft Victim

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Security Freeze as Identity Theft Victim

I am a victim of identity theft. I had an initial fraud alert placed in June. That alert is now expired. I am aware that as a victim of identity theft I can get free security freezes from the CBs, however, I am going to be applying for a mortgage in a few months and do not want to run into issues with freezes then, but I'm still concerned about security. Can a second fraud alert be placed?

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Re: Security Freeze as Identity Theft Victim

An initial fraud alert is placed with the CRA based only on an assertion of potential fraud or identity theft, and lasts only 90 days.

It does not requiire any showing of acutal identity theft having occured, and does not require a police ("identity theft") report.


If you can assert that an actual identity theft has occured, you can then obtain an extended fraud alert, which lasts for several years.

The primary distinction is that an extended fraud alert must be accompanied by a police ("identity theft") report, asserting that an actual identity theft has occured.

File a police report and send it to the CRA, requesting an extended fraud alert.


The police report used to obtain the extended fraud alert will then act to block any reporting that may be made by a creditor or debt collector from appearing in your credit report, in addition to the restrictions set forth under FCRA 605A on inquiries and approval of any new credit.

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