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Should I try a BT offer?

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Re: Should I try a BT offer?

When do you get them to waive it, when you apply, or at the time you are making a BT, and will they waive it only once, or just set it up for a zero fee? Because the cards they have that have a zero fee all look good, except for the plain no rewards Professional Card, and if they have a zero fee you can make as many BT's as you want at no interest no fee right up to the end of the 0% period. It's a lot simpler to get one set up the way you want it, or get them to set it up like you want it from the beginning, than it would be if you have to ask them to waive the fee every time.
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Re: Should I try a BT offer?

I say you start crunching the numbers and see what works best for you. Your credit score is very good, so you should be able to get a card with a high limit and 0% BTransfer fee.
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