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Shucks AMEX no longer Backdates

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Shucks AMEX no longer Backdates

I finally received my AMEX Cash Preferred card on Tuesday, and will be getting my AMEX Gold Card on Friday. The good news for me is that I have to payoff the remaining balance on shutters I purchased for my house. I will most definetly be charging those shutters on one of those cards if not half of the balance on each card. Then I will pay off the balances.


The year that I became an AMEX card holder was in 1987, and it is on the new card. I wish that they continued backdating. I would have inherited 35 year credit history with them. Oh well. I am gardening for at least 2 years when all of my recent inquiries age off.

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Re: Shucks AMEX no longer Backdates

AMEX discontinued their practice of backdating new cards about 7 years ago.  Was definitely useful for inflating ones AAoA.



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