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Site Score Comparison

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Site Score Comparison

I just signed up here at MyFICO and saw that my EQ score was 651. Was actually surprised because I went through a few years of bad decisions and bad luck. Not whining...just the way it is. Anyway then went to a different site and ordered my 3 scores. When they came back I saw that my EQ score was 589. That's a big difference between the two. Going to order my TU score from MyFICO and compare those now.

Can anyone tell me why such a spread between the to sites even though they are both suppose to be from EQ?

Thanks.....this forum is the most informative place I have been regarding credit.

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Re: Site Score Comparison


Welcome to the forums !


You are getting a FICO score from myFICO and very likely FAKO scores from the website.   I'd recommend reading the sticky posts below, they should help you understand credit scores:


Credit Scoring 101:
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Re: Site Score Comparison

Thank you Pizzadude. I appreciate your time!


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