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Strategy for Playing Musical Cards

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Strategy for Playing Musical Cards

It seems anecdotal evidence has determined PIFfing all but one card is the best strategy.  If you have multiple cards would it be beneficial to rotate the non-PIF card?  With three cards each would report a balance 4 times per year yet would have purchases that the creditor internally would see.

GangnamFICO wrote:

Because the chicks dig it when I throw down the card to the waiter comes in handy if I'm short on cash until payday and need a short spot. AMEX gets the booty, and that's important when you're a Pirate.

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Re: Strategy for Playing Musical Cards

I don't know how beneficial it is but I rotate which card I leave something on every month. If for no other reason than to show use on the all cards.

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Re: Strategy for Playing Musical Cards

I do not watch or track how many cards have balances reporting. However, I do use my sock drawered cards every three or four months. When doing so, I allow one of my  prime cards to have a break. I usually have three or four report monthly incluidng the  joint cards with my wife.  My wife and I have mostly separate credit files except our auto loans and two credit cards. Her Fico scores are above 800 with no mortage and mine in the siggy below.

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