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Hi guys! Well a couple months ago i tried getting my collection off EX & TU (it was never on EQ) and ex was quick to remove it after i contacted the CA (Alliance One) but TU as all of us know is very slow. Yesterday i check my USAA credit monitoring, low and behold my TU score is way up (FAKO) 719 from (FAKO) 638 and the collection is gone! Man i was so happy! I just want to apply for everything right now hahahaha. I live in California is there anybody that only pulls TU? my EX has 20 inquiries because everybody pulls them here but TU has 4 and EQ has 11.

EQ FICO - 725 (9/11/13) TU FICO - 724 (6/27/13) EX FICO (6/30/13) 755 AMEX
Im my wallet - Cap1 Platinum MC(2000) Chase Freedom(1500) AMEX BCE (7000) Discover IT (8000) CSP (15000) Cal Coast CU (8000)
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Re: Success!

Are you looking for a CC?

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