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Tax Scam called me

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Tax Scam called me

I do not owe back taxes or have a lawsuit filed against me but I rec'd a voicemail from a Tenn # 1 931-253-1453 stating an arrest warrant was issued under my name for taxes. For fun I called the number and a woman answered, "IRS Deputy what is your name?" I answered, "What is your Federal Employee ID number?" She immediately hung up.

I reported the number to the FTC. Just wanted to let people know of the call, number and, to never give out ssn # or banking info, even if you may owe taxes. The IRS official website says they will never call you unless they've sent you first a notice via the US mail. They will never threaten you with arrest and to always ask for the Federal Employee ID numer.
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Re: Tax Scam called me

It is an express violation of the FDCPA to threaten arrest for an unpaid debt.

It is also a violation to make any representation that a communication is from a federal agency.

See FDCPA 807.


I would also send notice to the CFPB and your state office of the AG for inclusion their databases.

You also have the right to bring civil action to recover statutory damages of $1,000 per violation of the FDCPA.

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Re: Tax Scam called me

I will do that. I just got through receiving another call from them but from 650-245-5120. I asked the man for his Federal Employee ID # and he replied with, "My Federal Employee ID # is I am going to fu%$ you in the as%." I laughed and said the number has already been reported to the FTC.
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Re: Tax Scam called me

They appear now to have accrued $3,000 in statutory damages.........

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Re: Tax Scam called me

But do they ever catch any of these scammers? I remember reading recently that they broke up a big ring in India, but that first caller was stupid enough to leave a message & call back #, must be a rank amateur. But the 2nd call is showing up on a google search as a wireless # in the bay area, so likely a spoofed call ID - with an internet phone service you can put in anything as a caller ID.

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Re: Tax Scam called me

I called back the FTC with my 1st reference complaint number and provided the second number. She said most people never report the numbers on this scam because they're too embarrassed. She thanked me very much for providing the info.

I just remember how paralyzed with fear I was 8-10 years ago when we were under water in so much debt and a call like that would scare me and worry me for a long time. I am going to continue to report these calls. I don't know if these low-lives will ever be caught though.
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Re: Tax Scam called me

Most of the scammers just close down and then open under a new name.  

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Re: Tax Scam called me

It is important to notify the governmental agencies, such as the FTC, CFPB, or state AG, of such issues in that multiple complaints for the same practice will often be basis for their initiation of an investigation.  They normally dont investigate individual consumer complaints, and thus multiple instances are usually necessary to bring about action.


As for chances of results, only government agencies obtain data via inputs from mulitple sources, and then have the resources or authority to conduct a full investigation, such as tracing phone numbers, etc.  If the govenment agency ever does bring action, those who have filed complaints are likely to be included in the class of consumers eligible for damages or agreement to pay once a civil judgment or consent order is reached.

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Re: Tax Scam called me

It appears that a lot of these scam operations hop around from number to number and call people more or less at random to try to trick, browbeat or threaten them into giving them money or at least their personal financial information. I got several calls last week from a number in my area code, for example, and on Googling it I found that everyone who reported it to various "who's called you?" services described it, without exception, as a scam/junk number - in fact a lot of the time there wasn't even a live person answering. Never return a call to any number that you can't find the owner/user, doesn't appear to be legitimate when you look it up or don't have any reason to be expecting a call from until you can verify it by other means.

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Re: Tax Scam called me

I got hit with a scam call yesterday..


caller:  Your son has been in a terrible accident here in Mexico


me:  My SON??? OMG (sarcasm)


caller: Your son D...., he is badly injured and you need to wire $3,000 immediately for his surgery...HE WILL DIE if you don't send it


me:  WOW, well you see I never really liked him and he's insured with me as the beneficiary...My vote is to let him pass peacefully


caller: you evil lady (and hung up)


I guess they didn't expect that from me ROFL...and by the way son D.... is safe and happy north of the mason dixson line


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