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Trans Union

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Trans Union

Hello all I pulled a copy of my Fico score from this site on 6-23-14 and found that my Trans Union information has not updated since 3-11-14. I have paid down my credit card from 90% to 30% but my score has not changed. I should noteI paid this card down in April so its been awhile. Any ideas what I can do?

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Re: Trans Union

Sitting on the side lines listening. Same thing for me. Also noticed my USAA Credit Monitoring Service showed Trans Union as always being slow to update.

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Re: Trans Union

I questioned MyFico about this and was told that they have no control when the credit bureaus get the info to them. Huh?


Shouldn't it be the other way around, they pull from the CB's?  When I told them that they were a few months behind and my bureaus have been updated for a long time, I was offerd a 5.00 discount.


I have said this before, if Fico is the end all of scoring, how can it be accurate if they do not consistantly update? 

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Re: Trans Union

I use USAA Credit Monitoring and TU always seems to be the last of the bunch as far as updating. Drives me nuts. 

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Re: Trans Union

bottlefed98 wrote:

Any ideas what I can do?

Check your TU report directly to see if it has updated.  If your TU report has changed since March (seems likely) then contact FICO.

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Re: Trans Union

I had this same problem last year, i directly pulled TU , It wasnt been updated either. So i contacted the creditor and it was updated in like 2 weeks... If TU is updated myfico always pulled the latest snapshot for me...  


If you dont have a TU online login or you are not eligible for a free annualreport at this time, you can always call TU rep and enquire about a particular tradeline info. Good luck!

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