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Transunion Alert! Help Fraud!

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Transunion Alert! Help Fraud!

Hello everyone.

I get an alert from Transunion that a inquiry was blocked because I have a freeze on my reports..

The inquiry is coming from Verizon Wireless.. I did not apply for anything. I have my accounts frozen thank God!

However I feel so violated right now.. I am literally shaking while I type this. Last year around April someone tried to obtain a verizon wireless in my name.. Luckily I caught it and verizon shut the account down. That inquiry hit my Equifax, and Verizon did nothing to remove it..

So that's what prompted me to freeze my reports. I just placed fraud alert with Transunion, and it stated that they will contact the other 2 CRA..

Now I'm worried about possible bank accounts being opened in my name. I requested a consumer report fom chexsytems and also requested to have my chexsystems from.. Is there anything else I can do to further protect myself? I've worked so hard to get my credit to where it is now, and I'll be damned if someone just mozy in and destroy it.

Any advice is welcomed.. Thanks in advance


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Re: Transunion Alert! Help Fraud!


TU is the easiest to make disputes with. 

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Re: Transunion Alert! Help Fraud!

Get a copy of your Lexis Nexus report. From what I understand, they seem to keep very detailed records of reported addresses. Look for any that aren't yours and it may be a lead to who is trying to get phones in your name.

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