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Today I found out Experian and TransUnion no longer offer access to FICO scores online.
When you purchase a score from either of them you only get their new "Vantage Score."  The problem is, almost NO CREDIT GRANTORS USE VANTAGE SCORES TO LEND MONEY.  So, my clients get the short stick because, in my opinion, a Vantage score is almost worthless to determine actual credit worthiness as lenders will see it.
Sure, knowing you have a Vantage score that is a 900 "Prime" or 905 "Prime Plus" is great fun - if your weird like that (.........okay I admit it).  But almost all creditors use FICO.  I personally found it a little deceptive of Experian to sell "credit scores," and after giving them money you find out the score you just purchased gives you almost no information (there is no scale to convert your Vantage to your FICO!).
So, I plan on sticking with Equifax or (but if Equifax starts playing those games I'll stop using them too).
Has anybody had a similar experience or know ANY credit grantors that use Vantage?

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thanks for the info I just order my score from my fico today

thanks for the info I just order my score from my fico today
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Vantage Score Confusing

Just bought my vantage score today from Experian and was suprised.  My score was 829, a "B" grade credit rating.  My regular Experian score is 757, or as they put it, excellent credit.
It seems that Vantage scoring places more emphasis on length of credit history and less on outstanding credit card balances in relation to credit limits as compared to FICO scoring.
With my current credit file, I hope no lenders or cc companies ever use Vantage scoring!
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