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Va cashout refi

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Va cashout refi

Hi new to forum, well forums in general.  If I'm not doing this correctly, I apologize.  I am wanting to do a VA cashout refi.  The IR's are just so low right now.  I've got about $50-$60,000 equity right now, would like to cash out for $20,000.  My IR is 4.375% (this could be apr).  I'm hoping to cashout, lower IR, and hopefully lower premiums.  My mortgage fico scores are; EQ-692, TU- 689, EX- 684.  1 pd collection showing, no late payments in about 4 years.  Although EQ has recently decided that I have 3 months of 30+ days late payments in 2019 on a car loan that was pd off in 2016.  CU is 3% only 1 card has a balance, 3 HP's only 1 < a year.  I would like to cashout asap before rates increase but want a middle mortgage of 700.  How can I get that up, right now my middle is 689.  Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance.


I am currently deployed in the middle east.  My schedule, method of communication, and time difference has made contacting EQ about phantom late payment difficult.  I am unable to sign into my EQ account (due to my location?)  I do have a contact # for them but we don't communicate thru normal phone, we call thru apps like messenger, EQ can't accept those calls.  I have another option that will cost a little money, but waiting spend that for a lot of calls back to U.S.

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