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Verizon Credit Check

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Verizon Credit Check



I placed the order for an iPhone through call and on the last step, the sales rep told me to contact Credit and Order Review Team, i have 800+ credit score, and all in excellent condition.

Anybody aware if this is normal and what should i be prepared for. what will they ask?



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Re: Verizon Credit Check

Verizon does pull a credit report. EQ I believe is what they will most likely pull. But to be asked to contact the credit group. Perhaps it’s because you have a fraud alert on your EQ report or it’s frozen. Happened to me when I was setting up my cable account with them. I called in and they asked me questions from my credit report
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Re: Verizon Credit Check

Agreed, probably just verification. I think the deposit for bad credit is $300 or $400, but with an 800 score I doubt it applies to you unless you defaulted with them before.

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Re: Verizon Credit Check

I had to call in, they just asked me a few questions to verify my identity.

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