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Walmart not cutting statements?

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Walmart not cutting statements?

I have been trying to control my UTI and Walmart is not cooperating!


I use the card heavily through the month, pay the balance down a few days before the due date to $11 and they don't generate a new statement. What gives with that? Next month is 4 months since I've had the card and I was hoping for a good CLI and not, "Not enough experience at the current CL." message.


Why didn't they generate a statement when I clearly should have a minimum payment due of $11?

Starting Score: EQ 653 6/21/12
Current Score: EQ 767 5/22/18 - EX 763 5/22/18 - TU 782 5/22/18
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Re: Walmart not cutting statements?

Normally with GE its a CLI after the 4th statement, so in essence after the 4th month. As far as them generating a new statement I believe it is usually a few days after the due date.

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