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Watch out for "Conns" store credit... not good

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Watch out for "Conns" store credit... not good

Those of you familiar with "Conns" stores, mostly in the South and Southwestern states, be very careful about shopping there and applying for their in-house credit program. First of all, it turns out their merchandise is very overpriced... be sure to comparison shop if you have time.

Second and more important, they'll do their best to talk you into applying for their "Conn's Credit" program which is nothing more than an in-house financing company. The bad part about this is that no matter what your credit score is, they are going to treat you like you're a desperate "rent-to-own" customer.

How so, you ask?

They want several personal references from you and according to one of their credit people, they will actually CALL these references BEFORE you buy and tell them that they intend to "use them as a contact source if you default on your payments"...

Talk about classless. No discretion. No tact. When I learned this, I dropped them like a hot-potato and left their salesguy scratching his head. Serves 'em right, those bottom feeders. If I wanted to be treated like a desperate "rent-to-own" customer with a 400 credit score (mine's much higher) then I would GO TO a rent-to-own place and put up with the low-class treatment they tend to give.

Avoid Conns. Truly, they suck.
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Re: Watch out for "Conns" store credit... not good

At least they named their store appropriately.
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Re: Watch out for "Conns" store credit... not good

Yeh, never thought of it that way... "Nearly Conned at Conn's"... very funny. Heck, what they really oughta do is simply call it "Conn's Rent-to-Own" and be done with it.

The place just feels "dirty"...
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