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Wells Fargo Bob's Discount Furniture Card - Authorized User?

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Wells Fargo Bob's Discount Furniture Card - Authorized User?

Hello myFICO community, 


My Boyfriend and I went shopping at Bob's Discount Furniture last August.While we were there he opened a credit card to put the purchases on (it was around $1200) with a limit of 3k. I agreed to pay off the balance in full before the promotional period was over, and I had him add me as an authorized user. The balance ($600) will be paid off next month, but the card is not showing up on my credit reports. I heard him walk through the authorized user steps with Wells Fargo, so I know he did it. Did I do something wrong? Is it too late for me to see the benefits of this? 

Starting Score: 672
Current Score: 672
Goal Score: 750

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