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Wells Fargo reporting?!

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Wells Fargo reporting?!

Hey everyone, anyone have a thought of when Wells Fargo will get around to reporting a credit card to the credit bureaus? I applied for this card and was approved on March 19. First statement already dropped on April 9. Still no mention on my credit reports. It's a $6500 CL, which is presently my highest. To top everything off, I closed a subprime card from Fortiva with a measly $500 limit and when that reported to TU I lost 2 points due to a loss in total available credit! Wayfair has also not yet reported to TU and that has a $4300 limit. I know it's only a measly 2 points. But still. 

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Re: Wells Fargo reporting?!

Although I've had no problem so far with updates from WF, there are several post in the last couple of weeks about WF accounts not updating.  But for a new acct, if your 1st statement was 4/9 it will likely show up after the next report balance as of date (after 5/9).  


But again, things have been a bit off for some lately and many note new accounts can take up to 2 statement cycles to report.  I didn't have that experience with WF in 2018 when I opened a new CC, but many things have changed since the world has recently gone a bit wonky.  

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