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What are some SP strategies?

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What are some SP strategies?

Haven't had much success with some of the known SP CC listed in another thread.


What are some SP application strategies to applying?


Should CRA be frozen? How about smaller bureaus?


If they ask for full SSN, is that a HP trap?


Any significance to applying incognito or through a specific browser?


What's myth? What's fool proof?


Any insight helps. Thanks

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Re: What are some SP strategies?

There is no strategy. It's either a SP or a HP depending on lender and product. There is no way to force a SP.

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Re: What are some SP strategies?

Some companies, I know Discover is one, won't do a soft pull if your bureaus are frozen. Their credit scorecard tool won't even generate a score for you if your bureau is frozen. A frozen bureau guarantees no hard pulls, but it may prevent you from getting a soft pull CLI or pre-qualification.


Some places may ask for full SSN for a soft pull, I believe Capital One does. If they ask for full SSN there are typically multiple disclaimers to the effect of "This will not affect your credit", if you don't see a disclaimer like that it is likely not a soft pull.


Incognito doesn't change anything, to my knowledge. There are "shooping cart tricks" that some have reported success with, but you would definitely not want to be in incognito mode for one of those to potentially work.


What products are you trying to get soft pulls for? Just a reminder, soft pull pre-approvals/pre-qualifications turn into hard pulls if you accept the offer. The only soft pull, that I know of, where you actually see a change in your credit profile are credit limit increases.

FICO8 as of 4/9/21:
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Re: What are some SP strategies?

Msy I ask for the reason behind wanting/needing SP approvals? 


I mean personally I don't really get it since the account still gets opened in your name thus causing a "new account" penalty on your CR. Which IMO is what the most damage is cause by, a HP will become irrelevant in 6 months and totally drop off in 25. it takes several years for a new account to "season" your profile. 


Granted HP's pile up if your app happy and can cause Lender deterance if there are too many are present, especially if you have several denials already. IDK, I just don't see the allure or benefit myself. Not that the idea didn't appeal to me during my high HP count days, it did, right up until I found out the minor affect it causes versus new accounts.

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