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What is F/R

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Re: What is F/R

Revike wrote:
F/R = Financial Review. From what I've read on other sites, some Amex cards have a CLI request button, known as the LUV button, where users can request a CLI after 30 days. If you click the LUV button too many times, you can trigger the dreaded Financial Review, where additional data is required by Amex to justify your credit limit. Or something like that.

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Wow, LUV button = CLI.  Interesting, did not know this!  Makes FICO and credit discussions sexy!!!Smiley Surprised
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Re: What is F/R

My bank does soft pulls all the time (about every 4-6 months, I seem to remember).  I think it is because they are making so little money from me now I have sorted nyself out  Smiley Very Happy
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