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What should my next step be ?

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What should my next step be ?

Ok so i have a few ideas on how i want to build my credit and need some advice on should i and how long would it take me to do this.

Lets start with what i have right now .


Credit Cards

Capital one Journey Since Dec 2014 CL 6.3k used 0

Discover it                Since Mar 2016  CL 3.2k used 0

Chase Freedom U   Since Nov 2016  CL 4.5k used 4.4k

Synchrony RTG       Since Nov 2016  CL 3.5k used 1.1k


Car Loan Since Feb 2016 15k for about 5 more years


My goal is to get cards from other lenders to get a higher over all credit limit and have histroy with  a few card companies.

Looking at getting a Citi card and BofA Better Balance rewards with maybe a free Amex card . Im not really to sure about the Amex.

Definiteley want the other two along with a Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire Reserve later on , to use with the Unlimited for great deals.

Also with the Chase 5/24 rule i want to make sure i play my cards right and achive this asap.

I think i might be at a point to 'garden' ? Im just thinking the faster i open them all the better of i will be with them ageing .

Yet i know that could hurt me if i do too much too fast .


Side note I was offered a product change from capital one for the QuickSilver .. its just a 1.5 points i was looking into maybe applying for the card and just getting the bonus and merging accounts hopefully incrase my CL a bit more and then product change it after that . Is this a efficient way of getting a higher CL aside from the usual waiting or requesting one ? I was thinking of doing this later on the line after i have the cards i want .

My score was at 740 last mont and this month fell due to utilization to at 670 .... nothing that wont be fixed next month.

I dont think im doing to bad for just being 21 and almost having 20k aviliable in credit cards Smiley Happy


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Re: What should my next step be ?

It looks like you understand utilization, which is critical. Get your Chase balance down as fast as possible. It's maxed, and that sends up fireworks when lenders look at your profile. Don't apply for anything until you do that.


The Synchrony balance is a little high too, at least if you're looking to apply for something. You'd be viewed as "more responsible" if it were somewhere under 30% (28.9% or below).


If you want to fully maximize your score, three cards at zero and one at 8.9% or less will do that for you.

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Re: What should my next step be ?

+1, next step, bring down your Chase balance.


You may get another card if you app, but it could be a low SL and high APR.


My guess is you are using the 0% promo with your card. 

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