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When does TransUnion show updated reports?

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When does TransUnion show updated reports?

I made a few large payments to my cards in anticipition of  leasing a car. Due to a few reasons I need to make a deal before the 24th or the 25th. 


According to credit karma all my balances get reported from 21st to the 23rd. Is it safe to assume that when they pull my credit report from TU on the 24th it will show the updated report/score?


Entering all the new balances into simulators puts me at 758 from the 690s. 


Anyone have experience on the report dates from CK? Can I trusst these days to be accurate?

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Re: When does TransUnion show updated reports?

TU doesn't update on any certain date.


Here's how it works...Let's say your payment is due on the 10th & the statement closing date is the 16th.  Right after the 16th is when your card company reports to each of the Credit Reporting Agencies & the CRA's update your info for that account.  So...what you need to look for is the statement closing/cut date & know that within a week (usually) all 3 CRA's will have the updated info.


You won't know if it's updated without seeing a new report.


Why are you asking only about TU?  A car lease will actually likely pull all 3.  Just so ya know.....

Also....they will likely use an "Auto FICO" in the score used by auto lenders.  That is something you can see if you get your reports here.

BK 7 discharge 06.24.2020 No Fico score at all. Smiley Sad
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Re: When does TransUnion show updated reports?

In my short history watching my credit I have noticed that TU is the slowest to update. I paid off a balance on the 3rd, statement date the 7th, and EX and EQ shows the update as of the 10th. Still nothing from TU. So the 24th may be cuttin it close, but I hope you make it.


**UPDATE** Just got an alert from WalletHub and my TU has updated, so it took roughly 9 days from statement close. So IF!!!!! (Big I Big F) my timeframes match up with yours you may not see a score change until the 29th or 30th. Is their anyway you can push th deal out a week? That can be a big difference in your APR.

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Re: When does TransUnion show updated reports?

gtboosted my CBs seem to update from TU after reported taking generally ten calendar days.
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