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Wooooh, boy!

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Wooooh, boy!

Please answer this questions for me.

Well I send settlement offer back after I received settlement offer from this Attorney Law Firm that they said they are working for the collection agency who bought the debt from CO.

I know in fact it's not uncommon for CA to charge thousands in interest And fees on top of the actual balance, but they did in this case.

Any way I have not heard from them in couple month about the offer I send them, And yesterday I received a letter back from this Attorney Law Firm , And what they asking me to provide them is shocking .

First they want me to provide them with my checking And savings account numbers to see how much money I have there, And also want me to provide them with all my monthly expenses, And hardship letter. And they said they will send all that information with my settlement offer to CA to see if the accept my offer. I don't know what they thinking, but I don't think I am applying for home loan. I need to settle with them my be, but not like this

Has any body knows any thing about tricks like this from Attorney Law Office , or Collection agency you provide them with information like this how safe is this , or what the outcome?

What you think I should do please?


Clarify that I am not acknowledging or accepting that I Owen this debt.

Thanks for any information you can offer me.

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Re: Wooooh, boy!

Perhaps you could send them a blood sample and maybe a note from your mother.  Sounds absolutely ridiculous to me.

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Re: Wooooh, boy!

This question would probably get a better response in the Rebuilding Your Credit section of the board.

But in my opinion, you should not give these people any of the information that they are requesting. I would definitely not give them any account numbers; in fact, I wouldn't even give them a personal check, since that would have my account number on it.
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Re: Wooooh, boy!

Yeah, if you give them anything all now they'll be asking for your firstborn son next.


I agree. Ridiculous. They're complicating a situation as only lawyers can.

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Re: Wooooh, boy!

Thanks for all your answers. I am no sending any information o them.


Do you think I should send settlement offer again to this what the call them self  Creditor's Right Law, Firm.    Or  should I send the settlement offer to actual  Collection agency it self. I did send the same settlement offer to collection agency before,but ye to hear from them.

It will better if I can work with the collection agency not with this LAW FIRM, but I really don't want to call any off them I like to do every thing in writing, but, it is taking for ever.


What you think guys any info from you will help me o next step ?


Those any body had to deal or dealing with this    RODENBURG LAW FIRM   ?

They have to addresses I think    NORTH DAKOTA  and    MINNESOTA.


Thanks for the help guys.

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Re: Wooooh, boy!

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