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credit payment question

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credit payment question

I have had a capital one secured card, with a $300 credit limit for about 8 months now.  I have been waiting, (with no late payments) for my unsecured card to graduate into an unsecured credit card, with no luck. For the past two months i have been fully paying off my credit card balance about twice a month (which is usually around $250 - Near Max), opposed to making the one monthly minimum payment of $25, thinking that it will boost my credit, I was hoping to get feedback from people with more credit experience, maybe I could better my credit a different way?

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Re: credit payment question

 this is a tough question and the answer is multidimesional. Meaning, there could be several factors invovled here. Since you nearly max this card out every month and pay it off, you should find out when this company reports to the bureaus. Just because you pay off the card, does not mean what appears on your report is a zero balance. 

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Re: credit payment question

I think what you are doing is fine.


You are showing CapOne that you pay your bills in full and that both of you will benefit from a higher limit. Paying the minimum is the exact opposite and proves to them that you don't deserve a CLI or unsecuring the card.


You should NEVER pay interest, or at least pay very little. Paying a minimum payment is usually a bad sign to a lender.


A FICO score is slightly different and your score can possibly benefit from paying the CC down to a very small amount before the statement is generated.

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Re: credit payment question

i appreciate the feedback i will just keep doing that, and hopefully capital one will notice.


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Re: credit payment question



And consider it is Cap1.  Sorry to say but they don't grow.  Use them to get your foot in the credit door.

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