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need help

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need help

So I got an offer to settle an account with tci payments but they said it was for security credit services. I tried to do a pay for delete they refused over and over again so I decided to just take the settlement offer they gave for 111 for a paid in full. I got an update today on myfico saying that I refinanced with them instead of being late now and I owe the other 109.97. My question is can they break that agreement I have the letter they sent me and it's not even a month old I paid last week so if they updated to this they damn well could have updated to paid and closed. Should I dispute it and write a letter to the bbb for not agreeing to what they sent me? Thanks for the help in advance guys I really appreciate it
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Re: need help

If your agreement was clear as to its terms and you paid, you then had an enforceable contract.

No, they cannot unilaterally change its terms after you have met them.


While you could handle either by filing a dispute over their credit reporting or initiatiing legal action for breach of contract, I would recommend, for legal reasons, that you first file a dispute with the CRA, challenging the accuracy of their credit reporting.  If they handle by verifying the accuracy of their reportng, you then develop both a breach of contract suit and the right to additionally add a violation of the FCRA by way of lack of reasonable investigation of your dispute.


I would, if they do verify in response to your dispute, recommend consulting an attorney in developing your legal action, as the basis for suit under the FCRA is technical.




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Re: need help

By met their terms I have a copy of the letter they sent me saying if I paid 111 it would be paid in full as well as the email from them saying I paid plus I took a screen shot of the payment reciept number. It clearly says on the letter that paying the 111 would be paid in full and it gave no time frame nor has it been over a month since I received it.

I will go the route of disputing again and see what happens. Thank you Robert
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Re: need help

Since you have the documentation to support this, I would go ahead and fie a dispute with the CRA as mentioned, and possibly provide this info to them.

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Re: need help

Thank you rm21 I will do that for sure
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