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rent reporting

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rent reporting

Ive read thats theres a   FREE rent app, or service, that allows to report the rent payments

IS there a free one? I  couldnt find it

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Re: rent reporting

I have only seen ones that cost money.

Experian is offering one through their app, but it is not free.


Let me know if you find a free one! 



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Has Reporting Rent Increased your score?

Has reporting rent to Fico9 increased your scores? I need aquick boost for my next rental and heard of rent reporting for an increase in score and to show positive history, if you tried this what was your results?

July 2019 464-540
July/2019 Equifax-490 to 521 TransUnion-521 to 528 Experian-521 to 540
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Mortgage Scores: Sept/2019 Equifax-Fico5 xxx TransUnion-Fico4 xxx Experian-FIco2 xxx
First Goal 580 by Oct/19 Second Goal 600 by Nov/19 Third Goal 620 by Dec/19 Goal Score:across the board 690+

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Re: Has Reporting Rent Increased your score?

By Fico9 do you mean one of the credit bureaus? Fico9 is not a credit bureau. 


The question would be whether this is reporting to your main credit reports, or to your "rental credit report" - which is a separate thing - and whether it would affect your credit score.


There is a separate division that tracks rental history and generates a report that includes not only your regular credit report information but also information submitted about your rental history. The rental history report has no impact on your FICO score. Unless your landlord agreed to report to one of the big three bureaus, good rental history it is not helping your FICO score. Usually anything related to rent would derogatory at which point it may hit big three and then FICO would be impacted. 

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Re: rent reporting

Try this website. I only took a very brief look at it. I hope that this helps, unsure of free or if there are fees.





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Reporting Rent To Experian

I have been reading about this topic but have not found the answer that I am looking for. So I am specifically asking feedback from a member that has had their rent reported to Experian for at least the last few months or longer. If you have, what changes in the FICO score have you noticed? And how is it reporting as a trade line (installment, etc.) ? Which website do you use? 

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Re: Reporting Rent To Experian

I love using Rental Kharma, it's $4.95/mo and reports to TU. I picked them over other reporters because they allow you to pay your rent via cash and just have your landlord confirm you paid via an automated monthly email. 



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Re: Reporting Rent To Experian

LIzzo- Where is this showing up on your credit report? In the Accounts? Also, what kind of boost did you see when you added the rental history?

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