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samsung financing


Re: samsung financing

@jetsfan2013 wrote:

I opened this as well a few months back and just paid off the balance. It has reported as a credit card, however I am closing the card as I will have no other use for it and I do believe my score was impacted by the account being open.

If they are/were affected, they will remain that way till it drops off you CR, usually around 10 years after closing, but can happen sooner 

You did not specify what makes you think there was "damage" from CFA versus normal dings that happen for many whenever new accounts are opened. 


In any case, closing a card will not "fix" it. 

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Re: samsung financing

Why would you not source what you read? You're either making things up or gossiping
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Re: samsung financing

Just a quick reminder on our forum etiquette guidelines, please ensure to keep comments Friendly, Supportive and Respectful.  There's no exceptions to the TOS policy. 

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