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where to find letter for OC?

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where to find letter for OC?

I need a sample letter to send to an OC.  I did a search & see many references to an "OC investigation letter" but have yet to have found the actual letter.  Can anyone help me out?  I have already disputed with the 3 CRA & am awaiting my results but have a feeling it will come back verified because I just got a letter in the mail from this creditor a week after I sent my disputes & have never got anything in the mail from them before. 
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Re: where to find letter for OC?

Some people have used an "OC Letter" to challenge the validity of a debt with the OC:


IMO, the letter is wrong, legally, but has worked for some.

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Re: where to find letter for OC?

+1, Agreed, this is not that good of a letter and gets alot of the legal references wrong and you might want to edit it before using it as is. You could also just write a straight forward request in your own words and be fine too. As always recommended, keep it simple, to the point and don't give any more than you absolutely must.

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