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Close Credit Strong/Mortgage Prep

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Close Credit Strong/Mortgage Prep

My husband and I just entered the initial stages of acquiring a mortgage. We received the paperwork with our DTI today. My question is-should I close my $5,000 Credit Strong Account ? (It is similar to Self Lender). My other accounts include:

NFCU CC: $25,000 limit/$5K balance 

CareCredit CC: $10,000 limit/$0 balance

BOA CC: $500 limit/$0 balance

Ulta CC: $1950 limit/$0 balance 

Car Loan: $38,000/$8900 balance 

Car Loan 2: $10,000/$6,000 balance

Personal Loan: $5,000/$588 balance


Is my credit mix good enough to nix the Credit Strong? I've had it for 19 months. Will it affect my credit score? Should I leave it alone until after closing?

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