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Closing tomorrow...I hope!

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Closing tomorrow...I hope!

We're currently scheduled to close on our first home at 9AM tomorrow! It's so exciting to be able to say that, but -- at the same time -- I'm pulling my hair out whilst awaiting final CTC. Our lender hasn't exactly been the most responsive, and as of 5 minutes ago told me they're still needing the final appraisal report (as well as the final "stamp of approval" from the underwriter), but expect to still be able to get their side of things in order today. This, of course, means that we still don't know exactly how much money we need to bring to closing, so that's a little stressful...LOL.


Nevertheless, it's been a journey and I'm thrilled to be at this point. Four years ago I bottomed out at a 436 score, and it's been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears getting things cleaned up since then. I'm still on pins and needles waiting for the other shoe to drop. :-)

Hopefully I'll be able to update tomorrow with the news that we have our keys and can breath for the first time in a long time!

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Re: Closing tomorrow...I hope!

Been there ... I feel your anxeity. I closed at 4:00pm on 7/31/14 ... but only knew at 11:00am that day. I went to my closing without any idea of how much cash I needed but I had wired my full down payment to the title company the day before. It's all a normal part of the home-purchase experience these days.

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Re: Closing tomorrow...I hope!

Appreciate knowing we're not alone...thanks for your reply!


I did just receive call that our closing is being pushed back till 3PM b/c the appraisal hasn't yet come in, but hopefully we'll still be closing tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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Re: Closing tomorrow...I hope!

I am almost in the same boat. I was suppose to close 3 wks ago. They keep asking me for bank statements and now they sent it to an investor i'm not sure what that is for final approval. Does anyone know what that means?

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Re: Closing tomorrow...I hope!

Just wanted to update that we DID close today at 3PM! Without a doubt, the most stressful several months I've ever lived through...but am happy it worked out in the end!

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Re: Closing tomorrow...I hope!

Congrats, enjoy the new home!!!

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