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Advice on getting LightStream personal loan...

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Advice on getting LightStream personal loan...

For anyone who got approved do you know if they are firm on their minimum credit score of 660?
I know they pull EQ and maybe also EX, which are 630 and 644 right now. My fiancé literally JUST had his score drop to 650 from 680 only Bc of a new wayfair account and the utilization going up.

If denied, can you call and recon anything? Is there wiggle room on the scores or if he explained why it went down would they recon it?
I don’t want to apply for nothing. We were going to do a joint, or me with a “co signer” if that helps. I’m not sure if it’s easier to get approved with two people applying together?

We’re trying for 20k, combined income around 180k.

EQ 701, TU 685, EX ?
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Re: Advice on getting LightStream personal loan...

I don’t know the answer. “Bumping” thread. 

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Re: Advice on getting LightStream personal loan...

its not that you dont know the answer to your own question, if you so very much desire to gurantee your approval you will wait till you know for sure your scores are in the range you desire.

I wouldn't risk anything else right now. its that important to you isnt it. ?


so do the right thing.

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