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BOA secured message or chat?

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BOA secured message or chat?

When will BoA move into the 21st century and get the capability to do secured messages or chat with a live agent??? Hate the fact that I have to call for every little thing.

Problem: I activated my Little Caesars 5%cash back deal and made a purchase ($5.35) in September. Back then it said processing deal, now I checked and it's "ready to use" and there is nothing in the earned section. I already used it though and should have earned $0.27. It feels petty to call and stay on hold and ask a rep for my $0.27 cash back. But it's my money and I want it, so I'll be calling. Just wanted to vent.
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Re: BOA secured message or chat?

Have you tried using “Erica” in app? I never tried it but it’s supposed to be a chatbot.
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