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NFCU SSL Data Points and Results

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NFCU SSL Data Points and Results

My intentional rebuild began in November 2018.

EX 575 EQ 589 TU 584


I had 2 active CC accounts running at about 85% utilization, USAA and Discover. 3 charge offs and a couple of small collections. 


I worked on paying down all CC accounts to zero, the small collections, and then finally clearing the COs in May which took till September to fully update across all CRAs.


In August I added a checking and savings accounts with NFCU, dropping cash into the savings account each week while awaiting CRAs to update. I wanted to try and isolate the uplift from the SSL independent of other things taking place given that I have no active installment or mortgage accounts.


September 17th I visited my local NFCU branch. I have chosen to do all my banking in person even deposits as I prefer it that way.


SSL for $3010 to acquire 60 month term. Easy peasy, no HP, and the funds were deposited into my checking account within 30 mins.


I monitored for the account to appear via web or app which I did not see until after midnight making it September 18. I made one regular payment then a second payment leaving a balance owing of $250 and pushing due date to Feb 2024.


I received a statement on Sep 22 and the items had a report date to all three CRAs of September 30 with an original 3010 amount and 250 balance owing. These finally updated Oct 3-4.


Score Lift

EX +16  EQ +13 TU +16


So the result of my 11 month rebuild process has finally brought out of poor, through fair, to good as of this post.


EX 682 EQ 675 TU 680


Next up is to add a (2) more CC revolvers as Discover closed my account during the entire process after paying it to zero during an annual review while my scores were low 600s and the paid COs had not yet reported.


I chose to see how far I could take my scores without adding revolvers with the hope that I could now get cards that I want longer term if I could get them above 670 across the board.


Planning to start with adding an NFCU card account as have heard such good things all around about NFCU.


Next up is to cross over 700.




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Re: NFCU SSL Data Points and Results

Thanks for the data points.

Congratulations on your success!
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