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DCU Approval...But chex issue


Re: DCU Approval...But chex issue

@shadrackious wrote:
So with all that being said, what if I re-applied with the address that is on my DL? I can still get mail at that address as I live right down the street currently. I could then change it after opening the account. I don’t want to get a new DL because I and moving again in July. Ugh... one of the infinite hassles being military causes...

Possibly, but that could also backfire and make them suspect fraud even more.


If it were me, I would simply wait until I was settled with the new (final) address and all documentation is in order (correct address on ID, etc).  July isn't that far away, after all.  Smiley Wink

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Re: DCU Approval...But chex issue

UPDATE... So, DCU wasn't exactly the pillar of information when it came to my denial for a membership, but... It did force me to do some research. Intially it was chexsystems then ultimately "could not verify identity". I took care of chex then went round and round with the verification. I sent them my whole life in documents... denied again... The I thought to myself "what system could they be using to verifiy my ID" the only thing i had not checked was the fraud alerts I had placed on my credit. I had them removed and re-applied... HOLY CRAP I was approved. 3 weeks, 4 applications and finally approved for a membership. With that, comes a 10K approval for thier CC....YIPPEE It is my highest line yet. I am so fricken stoked! So, if you are facing the dreaded "cannot verifiy" denial, maybe check if you have a frozen, locked, or fraud alert on your reports. Aloha!

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Re: DCU Approval...But chex issue

@shadrackious... congrats on slogging through the world of 'information gathers' and 'credit bureaus'! Great end result Smiley Happy

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