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HSBC Bank europe doesn't acknowledge my account (POLICE CALLED)

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HSBC Bank europe doesn't acknowledge my account (POLICE CALLED)

Hey guys I am new here I am dennis from italy. I am very sorry that my english is not very professional nor efficient.

Approximately 9 month ago I opened a bank account in HSBC spain to deposit all of my life savings and the gold and bracelet that i have been holding my entire life (they are sold) and some withdrawals from my mother's account and putting it into my with my mother's wish. It's total about 850,000.00 euros has been deposited into hsbc while explaining to the bank manager detailed to the bank manager of the BRANCH. And it is a savings account.


Now after 9 months passed I have gone into the bank to get a second reference letter for a company in china to send me items so with the reference letter i can confirm with thrust that i have the funds available and can be utilized by my wish to the company.( I got a reference letter from the bank before from the exact same branch with the signatures on it to show that I have available 850k funds in my account


And now i have gone into the branch and asked for another reference letter saying that i have enough money with the current date for proof for a new company that i have been talking to in china and singapore.They have said that THE ACCOUNT DOESN'T EXIST.Whenever I have shown them my passbook my account opening details account number and IBAN but they have said that the There is no recollection of that happening And i HAVE NO ACCOUNT WITH HSBC europe or spain.And they have accused me of falsifying and creating documents the Passbook and the reference letter that i was given before by them.And I have the hsbc key for online banking but it is logged out so it doesn't log into my account and when i try to log in to the hsbc on the internet it says the credentials are wrong.

after that they called the police and the police showed up saying ''I am tresspassing'' and then i have left the branch.Whenever i called them online they have said the same thing Saying the ACCOUNT DOESN'T EXIST and they have no account opening in my name in any HSBC branch AT ALL. 


The single deposit slip of 850.000 euros is in my hands but they looked at it and he tried to take it to the manager on the upper floor but i didn't allow him to take it without me since it is my only deposit slip evidence in case something happens and the manager came down looked at it for a second and called the police and I had to leave with all my documents in my hand without this drug bank acknowleding my account.


What are the steps to take in this situation ? I have talked to a lawyer and he says he has never seen any situation like this before.


How do i prove that i have an account with this bank and i want my 800k life savings back? Who is deciding if i ever have an account with this institution?

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Re: HSBC Bank europe doesn't acknowledge my account (POLICE CALLED)

Unfortunately I don't have any real knowledge of European banking, financial laws, or consumer protections, so the advice I could give is extremely limited, but the answers to the following questions may be relevant to examining your situation and options: 


-Did you retain any of the account opening documents for your records?  Do you have any other paper or downloaded documents relating to the account, in addition to the deposit slip?


-When you opened the account, was this by phone, electronically, or in person? 


-When you opened the account, how was it funded, or how was the deposit made?


-Have you previously visited this or any other HSBC branch in person to deal with this account?  If so, when was the last time you were able to do so without a problem?


-Had you previously been able to log into the HSBC website with the credentials that it now says are wrong?  If so, when was the last time you were able to do so?


-Have you tried to contact any form of escalated customer support at HSBC, and, if so, what did they tell you?


These forums are primarily focused on American credit scores, credit products, and banking, and a lawyer specializing in the relevant European laws and regulations is probably the best person you can go to for advice regarding this, but I hope that this gets worked out for you soon!

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